Whiting School of Engineering

The Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering



Marc Donohue


Phone: 410-516-5262
Office: MD 117
Email: mdd@jhu.edu


  • Ph.D., Chemical Engineering. University of California, Berkeley. 1977
  • B.S., Chemical Engineering. Clarkson College of Technology (with Great Distinction, class valedictorian). 1973


In the broadest sense, we study the impact of thermodynamics on every day life and the world around us. We are especially interested in how a fundamental understanding of thermodynamics can lead to a deeper and better understanding of processes, both biological and chemical. The research group is broken down according to the methods used to achieve the deeper level of understanding. The theoretical group uses mathematics, computers, and modeling to describe and analyze physical behavior. This allows us to move beyond the limitations of experimental design and execution. The experimental group uses the fundamental knowledge of thermodynamics to improve processes and further human understanding. All told, we combine a variety of interests and abilities to better understand the world around us.


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