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Computational Biology & Functional Genomics

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering faculty working in Computational Biology and Genomics apply their analytical and computational skills to what is fast becoming the most challenging problem in molecular biology: to organize and interpret the vast amounts of basic data being generated in the field today from genome sequencing to protein structure determination to the determination of cellular and intercellular processing networks. Research directed to understanding the inherently complex, hierarchical relationships of biological organization is leading Hopkins chemical engineers to novel approaches to data assimilation and handling -- approaches that are now establishing new connections between the biological sciences and chemical engineering.

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Participating Faculty

Michael Betenbaugh
Jeffrey Gray
Konstantinos Konstantopoulos
Marc Ostermeier
Rebecca Schulman
Denis Wirtz


Shyam Biswal: School of Public Health, JHU
Jennifer Elisseeff: Biomedical Engineering, JHU
Kevin Yarema: Biomedical Engineering, JHU
Michael Yu: Materials Science & Engineering , JHU

Representative Publications

  1. "Incorporating biochemical information and backbone flexibility in RosettaDock for CAPRI rounds 6-12." S. Chaudhury,* A. Sircar,* A. Sivasubramanian, M. Berrondo & J. J. Gray, Proteins. (*These authors contributed equally to this work.)
  2. "Local motions in a benchmark of allosteric proteins." Daily, M.D. & Gray, J.J. Proteins, vol. 67. 2 pp. 385-399 (2007).
  3. "Selectin Ligand Expression Regulates the Initial Vascular Interactions of Colon Carcinoma Cells: The Roles of CD44v and Alternate Sialofucosylated Selectin Ligands," S.L. Napier, Z.R. Healy, R.L. Schnaar, Konstantinos Konstantopoulos, Journal of Biological Chemistry 282(6); 3433-3441, (2007).

.Nano and Micro Technology

.Cell and Molecular Biotechnology

.Interfacial Phenomena

.Computational Biology and Functional Genomics

.Molecular Thermodynamics

.Drug Delivery, Biomaterials, and Tissue Engineering