Department of Geography & Environmental Engineering

The Johns Hopkins University

M. Gordon Wolman Seminar Series

Spring 2011


The seminar always starts at 3.00 pm in Ames Hall Room 234 unless noted otherwise.  For disability information, contact Ms. Denise Nowlin (


January 25, Special Seminar, 11 am

            Prof. Seoktae (Steve) Kang, Kyung Hee University, South Korea

            Carbon Nanotube Filter for Water Treatment

            Host: Kai Loon Chen


February 1 (jointly hosted with the JHU Global Water Program) (Cancelled due to bad weather)

Prof. Benito Mariñas, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Science and Technology Advances for Safe Global Water

Host: Kai Loon Chen


February 8

Mr. John Veil, Argonne National Laboratory

Water and Energy – Inexorably Entwined Dance Partners, but Without Perfect Choreography

Host: Seth Guikema


February 15

Prof. Douglas Jerolmack, University of Pennsylvania

Flooding and Flow Path Selection on Alluvial Fans and Deltas

Host: Peter Wilcock


February 22

Dr. Matthew Kirwan, US Geological Survey

Ecogeomorphic Feedbacks between Wetlands, Climate Change, and People

Host: Peter Wilcock


March 1

Dr. Sarah Godsey, Pennsylvania State University

Interpreting Fluxes from Hydrochemically Diverse Catchments

Host: Peter Wilcock


March 8

Mr. Ciaran Harman, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Structure, Dynamics, and Co-evolution: Understanding and Predicting the Propagation of Hydrologic Variability through the Landscape

Host: Peter Wilcock


March 10 (Special Seminar, 12 pm, Ames 234)

Dr. Federico Falcini, University of Pennsylvania

Hydrodynamics, Morphodynamics, and Oil Slick Dynamics on the Mississippi Delta

Host: Peter Wilcock


March 15

Prof. Arturo Keller, University of California, Santa Barbara

Environmental Applications of Nanotechnology

Host: Kai Loon Chen


March 28 (Special Seminar, 3 pm)

Dr. Simon Mudd, University of Edinburgh

Quantifying the Coupled Geomorphic and Geochemical Evolution of Eroding Landscapes

Host: Peter Wilcock


March 29

Prof. Naveeda Khan, Johns Hopkins University

Death and Dying in the Era of Climate Change: Perspectives from Riparian Bangladesh

Host: Erica Schoenberger


April 5

Prof. Douglas Noonan, Georgia Institute of Technology

Neighbor Effects in Energy-Efficient Residential HVAC Technology Adoption

Host: Catherine Norman


April 12

Dr. Robert Summers, Maryland Department of the Environment

Saving the Bay, Climate Change, Fracking for Natural Gas and Related Environmental Issues Facing MD and the Nation

Host: Ed Bouwer


April 19 (Mason Hall Auditorium, 4.00 pm)

Prof. David Sedlak, University of California, Berkeley

Earnest and Agnes Gloyna Distinguished Lecture in Environmental Engineering

The Past, Present, and Future of Potable Water Reuse


April 26

Prof. Ben Hobbs, Johns Hopkins University

How to Have Fun in Electricity and Environmental Policy Modeling


May 3

Gregory Carmean, Maryland Public Service Commission

Meeting Maryland’s Electricity Challenges

Host: Ben Hobbs


May 5 (Thursday, 12 pm, Ames 234)

Henry Darcy Lecture

Prof. Stephen Silliman, University of Notre Dame

Characterization of a Complex, Sole-Source Aquifer System in Benin, West Africa