Department of Geography & Environmental Engineering

The Johns Hopkins University

M. Gordon Wolman Seminar Series

Spring 2013


The seminar always starts at 3.00 pm in Ames Hall Room 234 unless noted otherwise.  For disability information, contact Ms. Denise Nowlin (


January 29

            No seminar


February 5

Prof. Wen-Tso Liu, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

            Methanogenic Syntrophy for Terephthalate Degradation as Revealed by “Omics”-based Approaches

Host: Ed Bouwer


February 12

Prof. Xu Li, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Environmental Fate and Transport of Contaminants of Emerging Concern from Livestock Wastes

Host: Bill Ball


February 19

            Centennial Lecture

Prof. Leslie Roberts, Columbia University

Measuring Human Rights Abuses: One More Path that Involves the Skills of Geography and Environmental Engineering

Host: Ed Bouwer


February 25 (Monday, University of Maryland, Baltimore County)

            Special Seminar

Prof. Desmond Lawler, University of Texas at Austin 

AEESP Distinguished Lecture

Particles, Particles, and More Particles


February 26

Prof. David Cwiertny, University of Iowa

In the Twilight of Trenbolone: The Vampire Steroid

Host: Lynn Roberts


March 5

Prof. Christopher Boone, Arizona State University

Green Equity: Environmental Justice Perspectives on Green Infrastructure

Host: Grace Brush


March 12

No seminar


March 26

Prof. Geoffrey Bothun, University of Rhode Island

Biophysical Aspects of Nanotoxicology

Host: Kai Loon Chen


April 2           

No seminar


April 9




April 16

Prof. Joel Pedersen, University of Wisconsin–Madison

            Nanoparticle Interaction with Biological Systems: From Zebrafish Embryos to Peptides

            Host: Kai Loon Chen


April 23




April 30

Prof. Frank Davis, University of California, Santa Barbara

From Microclimates to Macroecology: Modeling Plant Species Range Dynamics in a Changing Climate

Host: Grace Brush