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In the Spotlight:
Modeling Task-Based Imaging Performance in Statistical Image Reconstruction
G. Gang et al.

Novel 3D image reconstruction methods, such as statistical model-based iterative reconstruction, pose challenges to modeling and measuring imaging performance due to intrinsic non-linearities and non-stationarities in noise and spatial resolution that defy straightforward application of conventional image quality models. Recent work by Grace Gang extends task-based image quality analysis to describe not only the non-stationarities intrinsic to filtered backprojection (FBP) but also the task-based performance of quadratic penalized likelihood (PL) image reconstruction.

(See Gang et al. AAPM 2013, below)

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Year Presenting Author Conference (or Class) Presentation
2014/02/20 Xu SPIE (San Francisco CA) Cascaded Systems Analysis of Photon Counting Systems (talk)
2014/02/20 Zbijewski SPIE (San Francisco CA) High-Performance Soft-Tissue Imaging in Extremity Cone-Beam CT (talk)
2014/02/20 Wang SPIE (San Francisco CA) Patient-Specific Minimum-Dose Protocols for Statistical Image Reconstruction in C-arm Cone-Beam CT (talk)
2014/02/19 Reaungamornrat SPIE (San Francisco CA) Deformable Registration for Image-Guided Spine Surgery: Preserving Rigid Body Vertebral Morphology in Free-Form Transformations (talk)
2014/02/18 Dang SPIE (San Francisco CA) Regularization Design and Control of Change Admission in Prior-Image-based Reconstruction (talk)
2014/02/18 Uneri SPIE (San Francisco CA) 3D-2D Registration for Surgical Guidance (poster)
2014/02/18 Stayman SPIE (San Francisco CA) Generalized Least-Squares CT Reconstruction with System Blur and Correlated Noise Models (poster)
2013/12/06 Zbijewski RSNA (Chicago IL) Cone-Beam CT with Sparse Arrays of Photon Counting Silicon Strip Detectors: Reconstruction, Performance Characterization, and Application to Dual-Energy Imaging (talk)
2013/12/06 Wang RSNA (Chicago IL) Synthetic Cone-Beam CT for Determining Patient- and Task-Specific Minimum-Dose Techniques in Repeat Scans (talk)
2013/12/03 Stayman RSNA (Chicago IL) Imaging-Task-Optimized, Source-Detector Trajectory Design and Reconstruction in 3D Interventional Planning (talk)
2013/08/01 Siewerdsen AAPM (Indianapolis IN) Image Quality Models in Advanced 3D Imaging Applications (talk)
2013/08/01 Xu AAPM (Indianapolis IN) Cascaded Systems Analysis of Silicon-Strip Photon Counting Systems (talk)
2013/08/01 Stayman AAPM (Indianapolis IN) Iterative Reconstruction Methods in Computed Tomography (talk)
2013/08/01 Gang AAPM (Indianapolis IN) Modeling of Task-Based Imaging Performance in Statistical Image Reconstruction (talk)
2013/06/20 Stayman Fully 3D (Lake Tahoe) Task-Based Trajectories in Iteratively Reconstructed Interventional Cone-Beam CT (talk)
2013/06/20 Wang Fully 3D (Lake Tahoe) Statistical Reconstruction for Soft Tissue Imaging with Low Dose C-arm Cone-Beam CT (talk)
2013/06/20 Zbijewski Fully 3D (Lake Tahoe) Volumetric Imaging with Sparse Arrays of Photon Counting Silicon Strip Detectors (talk)
2013/06/20 Dang Fully 3D (Lake Tahoe) Joint Estimation of Deformation and Penalized- Likelihood CT Reconstruction Using Previously Acquired Images (talk)
2013/06/15 Siewerdsen CARS (Heidelberg) Dedicated Cone-Beam CT for Musculoskeletal Extremities: Advanced Imaging Capabilities (talk)
2013/06/15 Siewerdsen
CARS (Heidelberg) Soft Tissue Visibility and Dose Reduction in Mobile C-arm Cone-Beam CT Using Advanced 3D Image Reconstruction (talk)
2013/06/15 Otake CARS (Heidelberg) Automatic Localization of Vertebral Levels in C-Arm Fluoroscopy: Pre-Clinical Evaluation of the LevelCheck Algorithm (talk)
2013/06/15 Otake CARS (Heidelberg) 3D-2D Registration in Intraoperative Mobile Radiographs: Verification of Surgical Product and Detection of Retained Foreign Bodies (talk)
2013/02/15 Gang SPIE Medical Imaging (Orlando FL) Modeling and Control of Nonstationary Noise in Filtered-Backprojection and Penalized Likelihood Image Reconstruction (talk)
2013/02/15 Muhit SPIE Medical Imaging (Orlando FL) Peripheral Quantitative CT (pQCT) Using a Dedicated Extremity Cone-Beam CT Scanner (talk)
2013/02/15 Otake SPIE Medical Imaging (Orlando FL) Model-Based Cone-Beam CT Reconstruction for Image-Guided Minimally Invasive Treatment of Hip Osteolysis (talk)
2013/02/15 Reaungamornrat SPIE Medical Imaging (Orlando FL) Deformable Registration for Cone-Beam CT Guidance of
Robot-Assisted, Trans-Oral Base-of-Tongue Surgery (talk)
2013/02/15 Nithiananthan SPIE Medical Imaging (Orlando FL) Demons Deformable Image Registration: Accounting for Tissue Excision or Addition of Material (poster)
2013/02/15 Schafer SPIE Medical Imaging (Orlando FL) Intraoperative Imaging for Patient Safety and OR Quality Assurance (poster)
2013/02/15 Stayman SPIE Medical Imaging (Orlando FL) Overcoming Nonlinear Partial Volume Effects in Known-Component Reconstruction of Cochlear Implants (talk)
2013/02/15 Stutman SPIE Medical Imaging (Orlando FL) High Energy X-ray Phase-Contrast (PC) Imaging Using Glancing Angle Grating Interferometers
2013/02/15 Wang SPIE Medical Imaging (Orlando FL) xxx (talk)
2013/02/15 Zbijewski SPIE Medical Imaging (Orlando FL) xxx (talk)
2012/12/01 Zbijewski RSNA Advanced Noise Reduction and Statistical Reconstruction Techniques for Low-Dose Dual-Energy Cone-Beam CT (talk)
2012/12/01 Stutman RSNA Development of  X-ray Phase-Contrast (PC) Imaging for Large Joints
2012/12/01 Stayman RSNA Advanced 3D Statistical Reconstruction and Incorporation of Prior Knowledge for C-Arm Cone-Beam CT in Image-Guided Interventions (talk)
2012/08/01 Siewerdsen AAPM (Charlotte) Image-Guided Oncologic Surgery (talk)
2012/08/01 Siewerdsen AAPM (Charlotte) Assessment of Image Quality in the New CT (talk)
2012/08/01 Stayman AAPM (Charlotte) Fundamentals of Statistical Image Reconstruction (talk)
2012/08/01 Stayman AAPM (Charlotte) Information Source Mapping in Prior-Image-Based Reconstruction (talk)
2012/08/01 Zbijewski AAPM (Charlotte) High-Quality Imaging in the Presence of Surgical Instrumentation [Best in Physics!] (talk)
2012/08/01 Muhit AAPM (Charlotte) Diagnostic Image Quality Evaluation of a Dedicated Extremity Cone-Beam CT Scanner: First Clinical Results (talk)
2012/08/01 Siewerdsen AAPM (Charlotte) Image Acquisition and Processing for Image-Guided and Adaptive Radiotherapy (talk)
2012/06/27 Zbijewski The 2nd International Conference on Image Formation in X-Ray CT CT Reconstruction Using Spectral and Morphological Prior Knowledge: Application to Imaging the Prosthetic Knee (pdf)
2012/06/27 Stayman The 2nd International Conference on Image Formation in X-Ray CT Information Propagation in Prior-Image-Based Reconstruction (pdf)
2012/02/04 Siewerdsen SPIE Medical Imaging
(San Diego)
Evaluation of Imaging Performance in CT:
Measurement and Modeling for the Development of Novel CT Systems (pdf)
2012/02/04 Zbijewski SPIE Medical Imaging
(San Diego)
Dose and Scatter Characteristics of a Novel Cone-Beam CT System for Musculoskeletal Extremities (pdf)
2012/02/04 Uneri SPIE Medical Imaging
(San Diego)
Deformable Registration of the Inflated and Deflated Lung for Cone-Beam CT-Guided Thoracic Surgery (pdf)
2012/02/04 Stayman SPIE Medical Imaging
(San Diego)
Model-Based Reconstruction of Objects with Inexactly Known Components (pdf)
2012/02/04 Schafer SPIE Medical Imaging
(San Diego)
High-Performance C-Arm Cone-Beam CT Guidance of Thoracic Surgery (pdf)
2012/02/04 Reaunga-mornrat SPIE Medical Imaging
(San Diego)
Tracker-on-C for Cone-Beam CT-Guided Surgery: Evaluation of Geometric Accuracy and Clinical Applications (pdf)
2012/02/04 Otake SPIE Medical Imaging
(San Diego)
Automatic Localization of Target Vertebrae in Spine Surgery Using Fast CT-to-Fluoroscopy
(3D-2D) Image Registration (pdf)
2012/02/04 Liu SPIE Medical Imaging
(San Diego)
A Clinical Pilot Study of a Modular Video-CT Augmentation System for Image-Guided Skull Base Surgery (pdf)
2012/02/04 Lee SPIE Medical Imaging
(San Diego)
Incorporation of Prior Knowledge for Region of Change Imaging from Sparse Scan Data in Image-Guided Surgery (pdf)
2012/02/04 Gang SPIE Medical Imaging
(San Diego)
Theoretical Framework for the Dual-Energy Cone-Beam CT NPS, NEQ, and Detectability Index (pdf)
2012/02/04 Ding SPIE Medical Imaging
(San Diego)
Incorporation of Noise and Prior Images in Penalized-Likelihood Reconstruction of Sparse Data (pdf)
2011/11/30 Zbijewski RSNA (Chicago) Imaging Performance of a Dedicated Cone-Beam CT System for Musculoskeletal Extremities (pdf)
2011/11/30 Zbijewski RSNA (Chicago) Scatter Properties of Compact Geometry Cone-Beam CT Systems (pdf)
2011/11/30 Stayman RSNA (Chicago) Likelihood-Based Known-Component Reconstruction in Computed Tomography
2011/08/01 Schafer AAPM (Vancouver) Image Guidance in Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery (VATS): Image Quality, Dose, and First Experience in Visualizing the Fully Deflated Lung (pdf)
2011/08/01 Schafer AAPM (Vancouver) Grids Revisited: The Effect of Antiscatter Grids on Image Quality and Dose in Mobile C-Arm Cone-Beam CT for Image-Guided Surgery (pdf)
2011/08/01 Zbijewski AAPM (Vancouver) Contrast-Enhanced Dual-Energy Cone-Beam CT for Musculoskeletal Radiology (pdf)
2011/08/01 Zbijewski AAPM (Vancouver) Performance Characterization of a Cone-Beam Computed Tomography System for Musculoskeletal Imaging (pdf)
2011/08/01 Stayman AAPM (Vancouver) Model-Based Known-Component Reconstruction for Computed Tomography (pdf)
2011/08/01 Stayman AAPM (Vancouver) Using Prior Images with Registration in Penalized Likelihood Estimation for CT with Sparse Data (pdf)
2011/08/01 Gang AAPM (Vancouver) A Cascaded Systems Model for Imaging Performance and Task-Based Optimization in Dual-Energy Cone-Beam CT (pdf)
2011/08/01 Prakash AAPM (Vancouver) Task-Based Modeling and Optimization of a Dedicated Cone-Beam CT Scanner for Musculoskeletal Imaging (pdf)
2011/08/01 Nithiananthan AAPM (Vancouver) Deformable Image Registration in the Presence of Excised Tissue: A Modified Demons Algorithm for Cone-Beam CT-Guided Surgery (pdf)
2011/08/01 Siewerdsen AAPM (Vancouver) Turning People into Numbers: Image Processing in Image-Guided Interventions (pdf)
2011/08/01 Siewerdsen AAPM (Vancouver) Cone-Beam CT: Essentials of 3D Filtered Backprojection (pdf)
2011/06/01 Siewerdsen MD Anderson Cancer Center Imaging Physics Seminar Series (Houston TX) From DQE to TRE: Image Science, Image Guidance, and Cone-Beam CT (pdf)
2011/05/01 Siewerdsen AAPM Delaware Valley Chapter (Philadelphia PA) Cone-Beam CT: From Reconstruction Fundamentals to Advanced Applications (pdf)
2011/04/01 Siewerdsen Belgian Hospital Physicists Association (Charleroi) Cone-Beam CT: Image Quality and Applications (pdf)
2010/12/01 Siewerdsen RSNA (Chicago) Image Quality in Flat-Panel Detector Cone-Beam CT (pdf)
2010/09/09 Taylor et al. +weekly CIIS Seminar Seminars in Statistical Atlases, Registration, and Reconstruction (SARR) (wiki)
2010/09/20 Khanna I-STAR Seminar Clinical Applications: Spine Surgery for Engineers (video)
2010/09/13 Reh and Gallia I-STAR Seminar Clinical Applications: Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery for Engineers (video)
2010/08/30 Sussman I-STAR Seminar Clinical Applications: Thoracic Surgery for Engineers (video)
2010/08/23 Carrino I-STAR Seminar Clinical Applications: Musculoskeletal Radiology for Engineers (video)
2010/08/01 Siewerdsen AAPM (Philadelphia) C-Arm Cone-Beam CT: Principles, Practicalities, and Applications (pdf) (video)
2010/08/01 Stayman AAPM (Philadelphia) Predicting noise and resolution properties in tomosynthesis with statistical image reconstruction (pdf)
2010/08/01 Schafer AAPM (Philadelphia) Cone-beam CT for guidance of spine surgery: Performance and integration of a new high-performance C-arm prototype
2010/08/01 Zbijewski AAPM (Philadelphia) Design and initial performance characterization of a dedicated cone-beam CT system for musculoskeletal extremities imaging.
2010/08/01 Gang (Siewerdsen) AAPM (Philadelphia) Task-based analysis of detectability in tomosynthesis and cone-beam CT: Validation of Fourier metrics in comparison to real observers (pdf)
2010/08/01 De Jean AAPM (Philadelphia) Portable dual-energy imaging with a wireless DR detector: Optimal technique and material decomposition for high-performance ICU imaging
2010/06/01 Siewerdsen Imaging 2010 (Stockholm) From Image Science to Image-Guided Surgery (pdf)
2010/06/07 Stayman I-STAR Seminar Introduction to Statistical Reconstruction (5)
2010/05/17 Stayman I-STAR Seminar Introduction to Statistical Reconstruction (4)
2010/05/03 Stayman I-STAR Seminar Introduction to Statistical Reconstruction (3)
2010/04/26 Stayman I-STAR Seminar Introduction to Statistical Reconstruction (2)
2010/04/12 Stayman I-STAR Seminar Introduction to Statistical Reconstruction (1)
2010/03/23 Siewerdsen CIS-2 Imaging for Interventional Guidance (pdf)
2010/02/01 Siewerdsen Einstein Fellowship Talk (American Center for Physics) From Quarks to Cancer: The Role of Physics in Medicine (pdf)
2010/03/15 Siewerdsen FDA Lecture Series (Rockville MD) Taking Image Science to Task in Image-Guided Interventions
2010/12/15 Siewerdsen Karolinska Lecture Series (Stockholm) Image Quality in Multi-Dimensional Imaging Systems
2010/09/15 Siewerdsen Duke Lecture Series (Durham NC) From DQE to TRE: Image Science in Image-Guided Interventions
2010/09/01 Siewerdsen MICCAI Invited Workshop Series (London UK) Cone-Beam CT for Image-Guided Interventions
2010/06/01 Siewerdsen Radiology Vitals Lecture Series ( Rochester NY) Fundamentals and New Frontiers in Advanced X-Ray Imaging Applications
2010/08/01 Siewerdsen Keynote Address, DMIP (Baltimore) From Image Quality to Image-Guided Interventions
2009/10/06 Siewerdsen GPiBME Great Papers in Biomedical Engineering: Cascaded Systems Analysis of Imaging Performance
2010/07/02 Siewerdsen CBID Seminar Medical Imaging Basics for Biomedical Engineers
2009/07/02 Siewerdsen BME Seminar Computed Tomography (CT): Technical Overview and Clinical Applications (pdf)
2010/02/15 Nithiananthan SPIE Medical Imaging (San Diego) Demons deformable registration for cone-beam CT guidance: Registration or pre- and intra-operative images
2010/02/15 Gang SPIE Medical Imaging (San Diego) The generalized NEQ and detectability index for tomosynthesis and cone-beam CT: From cascaded systems analysis to human observers
2009/12/01 Siewerdsen RSNA (Chicago) Essential Physics of Flat-Panel Detectors (pdf)
2009/12/01 Siewerdsen RSNA (Chicago) Image Quality in Flat-Panel Detector CT (pdf)


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